Windows 8.1 Upgrade

Windows 8.1 Upgrade – Released 17th October 2013

Free to users who already have Windows 8, but users of previous Windows versions will have to pay for the upgrade.

Microsoft has taken on board feedback from the original Windows 8 release and with this upgrade has brought back the Start button to the taskbar. Overall speed improvements have been made across the Operating System in general.

Windows 8.1 now offers quicker searching of files, setting or apps on your PC and the web using Bing Smart Search. With a large screen size you can now see up to four apps on your screen at once.

In the redesigned Windows Store there are new apps built specifically for Windows 8.1 platform, such as 8 zip  and Microsoft Bingo.

Should the worst thing happen to your PC, (ie. Major PC failure)  and it becomes unavailable, Windows 8.1 is able to save your documents

With Windows 8.1’s ability to save documents to Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) allowing access to them from anywhere (even on different devices), should you experience a major PC failure you are still able to access your documents or share them with friends online through the use of OneDrive.

Internet Explorer 11 is now much faster and uses less memory (with multiple tabs open than other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox)   and allows multiple browsing side-by-side of websites.